Saturday, March 18, 2023

Isometric 2

24kg GSQ, hip bridge, & 16kg halo x 5,3,2.
(8 minutes)
Isometric: 6 second-rep x 6 sets (RPE ~9)
Monday on Low & Friday on High positions.
Bicep Curl  
Upright Row  
Overhead Press  
Wednesday on Medium positions.
Bent-over Row  
Zercher Squat  
Reverse Curl  
Overhead Press  
Finisher & Cool-down:
24kg overhead carry. (30sec/30sec)
OS-Big 5. (5 minutes)
90/90 stretch and QL straddle. (3 minutes)
(Optional on alternate days)
Q&D swings/push-ups x 2 Series and
Royal Court: Hindu push-up, squat, & back bridge x 5 x 3.

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