Saturday, December 22, 2012

Edit Week 8 DL Singles with ES

Today on the last day of week 7, I planned to do 15 sets x 1 rep of 290lbs (83% 1RM), but for whatever reason on 10th rep my RPE was a 9. So, I took off some weight and finished feeling good. In my opinion, a 9 is too high to be an Easy Strength type of training. So, tomorrow I'll lower the weight and the RPE, hoping it will be easier because I am stronger.


Anonymous said...

Great blog John! I found it years ago but lost track of it since my training (grip strength-focused) then was not compatible. Now that my training is more kettlebell-centric I have rediscovered your entertaining writing again.

Ben Edwards

Anonymous said...

Have you tested your deadlift max again to see how much increase you've gotten out of the ES singles?

John Roberts said...

Thank you Ben!
No, I haven't tested my max for quite a awhile. I have been thinking about it, but now that I think I have over-trained, I don't know when I'll be ready. Thanks for bringing that important part of the program to mind!