Saturday, August 30, 2008

The bees are swarming in my backyard...

So, I thought I'd train indoors while they stay the night or two in my lemon tree. No charge! I love bees, but I don't like to bother them when they are swarming. So, no lemon with the tequila tonight! :)

Training for ETK Program Minimum Mix- Week 3, Day 5:

Wall Squats, Halos, & Pump x 10 reps: 5 minutes

32kg x 6 rounds:
20 Two-handed Swings for 30 sec
Transition Set-up Rest 10 sec
TGU for 80 sec, 1L&R

Total Swing time: 3 minutes
Total rest: 1 minute
Total TGU time under tension: 8 minutes

The swings really kept my heart rate up. Better to swing indoors than to be stung outdoors!


Joyful Heart said...

Seriously ... what is up with the bees today? My folks are fighting them in RI, friends in WI and we even had them by the beach! Very, very strange :) But I bet they are good for the lemon tree. :)

John Roberts said...

Wow, this can be seen as good news. Bees are very beneficial for agriculture. But if they become a menace, call a beekeeper.

What are bees doing at the beach? Tanning? That is strange! :)