Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back-off Light (5-B)

Last Saturday my body told me to back-off. So, this week I'll shoot for about 50% volume and 75% intensity and/or exertion based on last week. Also, I'm going to replace the 15-point Borg Scale, which uses 20 as it highest and 6 the lowest, with a 10-point scale. Actually, it's 12 points, but I never plan to log the highest point or the lowest point as a measure in my blog. It just makes more sense, even though I'll probably continue to use pluses and minuses. Here's what my 10-Point Plus Scale version will represent:
0 - Meditation or sleep
1 - Very slow movement
2 - Heart and lungs begin to increase
3 - Very light
4 - Light
5 - Fairly light
6 - Moderate
7 - Fairly hard
8 - Hard
9 - Very hard
10 - Very close to failure or gasping for air
10+ - Failure or not breathing!

28kg RKC TGUs:
5-second pause x 7 steps up and 6 steps down x 1/1
Time under tension 2:10.

1-second pause x 7 steps up and 6 steps down x 1/1 x 2
Time under tension 2:00.

Total time under tension 4:10.
(RPE 7)

28kg Snatch Alternating L&R x 7 on the minute x 10.
(RPE 6)


Amy Jurrens said...

I like your 10-point scale! It sounds familiar. ;)

Good to listen to your body. I'm totally listening to my body using the Gym Movement protocol. So far, so good!

John Roberts said...

Yeah, I finally came to my senses... :)

Actually Amy, I tested the TGU, swing, and snatch. They tested better, best, and bestest respectively. I'm still gonna back-off though, just because I can feel that I need the rest. Thanks!