Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back-off Heavy (5-B)

28kg RKC TGUs:
5-second pause x 7 steps up and 6 steps down x 1/1 x 3
Time under tension 6:30.

1-second pause x 7 steps up and 6 steps down x 1/1 x 2
Time under tension 2:00.

Total time under tension 8:30.
(RPE 7+)

28kg Snatch Alternating L&R x 7 on the minute x 14.
(RPE 6+: Poor form on the left caused a little blood blister on the palm under the pinkie. I need lots of practice with good form.)


Laura Nepodal said...


I LOVE reading about your workouts. I find your workouts to be refreshingly unique, while incorporating all of the important basics. Very inspiring! :)

We will have to ride again soon, my friend. I just went through the rider course and passed it today... after some practice, the three of us will have to go on a ride! :) Hope all is well!

What i dig:) said...

hey john, just sending out a hello and pat on the back, doing good work my friend!!
jon hinds:)

John Roberts said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you. I love the basics.
Congratulations for the motorcycle upgrade! I'm always ready to go on a ride with you two. All I need is a slow Sunday at work and a semi-warm sunny day. Let's roll!

John Roberts said...

Hi Jon,

I am honored to have you stop on by. Thank you for introducing me to Eischens Yoga!