Saturday, December 19, 2009

End of Back-off Week & Test

All I did everyday this week was a couple reps of very light TGUs and quick yoga sessions. After this week and today's results, I will be going back to my previous TGU, Swing, and Snatch routine to develop more shoulder stability, strength, and conditioning.

Today's Test:
40kg Swing x 10
40kg Loaded Clean x 3/3
32kg C&P x 3/3
36kg C&P x 1/1 (PR)
28kg Snatch x 60 in 5 minutes.

These results indicate that my strength has increased and my conditioning has slightly decreased. So, my new short-term goal beginning Monday is to complete 200 reps in 10 minutes with the 28kg. The road will be as long as it should, but I will get there.


Amy Jurrens said...

Good to see you back! Sometimes that week off is just what we need. 200 28kg snatches in 10 minutes? Have fun!

John Roberts said...

Thanks Amy!