Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KBs & DLs + Vodka & Pickles (18 - Test)

Warm-up (x reps x sets):
24kg TGU x 1/1 x 1,
GSQ prys x 3 x 2,
Swing x 10 x 3,
Rest 3 minutes.

Dead-lift warm-up sets:
175lbs (50% 1RM) x 5, 210lbs (60% 1RM) x 4, 245lbs (70% 1RM) x 3, 280lbs (80% 1RM) x 2, 315lb (90% 1RM) x 1.

Dead-lift test:
370lbs (106% 1RM) x 1 (PR).
(RPE 9+.)

32kg Swing x 20 on the minute x 5,
20kgL/16kgR Overhead Carry x 60 feet,
16kgL/20kgR Overhead Carry x 60 feet.
(RPE 6.)

After successfully following "Kettlebells and Deadlifts Go Together Like Vodka and Pickles", next Monday I'll begin what Pavel calls on the StrongFirst Forum, the PL cycle. "Pull three times a week, alternating DLs (cycled) and swings/snatches..." (See the thread and Pavel's post for a sample cycle for the original poster here). So, for me the DLs will be 5lbs less than the sample and I'll alternate the DLs and swings or snatches and post the results on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

On Tuesday's, Thursdays, and Saturdays I'll do a warm-up with 24kg Prying Goblet Squats x 3 x 3, then 32kg TGU x 1/1 x 3, BW Pull-up x 3 x 3, and finish with a Loaded Carry.

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