Monday, July 6, 2009

ROP Light with 4-minute Ladders

Sunday was rest, recovery, and reflection.

Every morning mobility:
Z-health NWU Level 1

This afternoon's stretch and warm-up:
Face the wall squats, 16kg Halos, Pump stretches, Brettzel, and 16kg RKC Armbars.

24kg MP + Pull Ladders

5 Four-minute ladders
3 Rungs

BW Pull ladder type:
1 Pull-up
2 Close-grip pull-ups
3 Chin-ups
(RPE 15)

5-minute rest

Alternating L&R 24kg Snatches x 10 on the minute x 6 with an overhead static hold or "rest" + 5L&R without rest.
(RPE 18: Just as tough as last week. I had plenty of gas left for a few more reps, but had a slight feeling of near failure on the last two sets holding the bell overhead.)

Cool Down:
Eischens Yoga for Beginners
(RPE 15)

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