Monday, November 16, 2009

ROP Light III (1x3 + 4x2)

28kg C&P + Pull Ladders:
5 three-minute ladders with 1 of 3 rungs and 4 of 2 rungs.
Pull + 8kg Rung type:
1 Pull-up
2 Wide pull-ups
(3) Chin-ups
(RPE 17)
5-min rest.
28kg Snatch x 5L&R on the minute x 9
(RPE 17)

Cool Down:
Cold-Hot-Cold contrast shower.

Sunday's short motorcycle ride with Doug Nepodal, Sr. RKC and Laura Sacks, RKC. Doug is a very good rider and so is Laura who was his co-pilot. Thanks for great company!


Amy Jurrens said...

A little bird told me you took an RKC for a Harley journey this weekend. When do I get to drive my Harley through the mountains of CA with you? I could handle that about now!

PS - You need to get on facebook! You should see all the goings on in the kettlebell community over there. We're quite a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Oooo that would have been a good ride, I bet they enjoyed that!

I like seeing pull-ups and chins in your workouts. For some reason it increases my own excitement about lifting the body to a bar. :)

John Roberts said...

Anytime you're ready to ride. Just bring enough vitamin C. I'll supply the chicken soup! Even though you are doing great on your routines, please get well!
I'll have to check out this new-fangled thing called 'Facebook'. I've heard that I can learn all kinds of personal stuff about people that I never knew existed!

John Roberts said...

We had a blast. It was like a Disneyland ride!

I gotta do pulls with my presses. Nice work for you today with the pull-push-pull-push-pull routine!

Laura Nepodal said...


Thanks SO much again! It was such a beautiful ride -- and yes, very much like a Disneyland ride! We'll definitely have to come up in the very near future and ride again. Next time we'll make sure we have time for dinner after.

Very nice workout, by the way. :)

John Roberts said...

You are SO welcome Laura! If Santa Maria style BBQ is on the menu, I know of a few great steak houses. Mmmm good!