Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Variety Day 2A

16kg TGU x 1/1
Double 16kg Front Squats x 5
Double 16kg Overhead Carry 120'
Double 24kg Racked Carry 120'
Double 32kg Farmer Carry 120'
Repeat x 3.
(RPE 17: Last week I took a little rest between sets for a total time of 12 minutes. Today, I didn't rest, but didn't hurry and finished in 11 minutes.)
Cool Down:
Eischens Yoga for Beginners (Basic)
(RPE 15)


Amy Jurrens said...

I really enjoy seeing what you're up to with your training. What are your goals - short term and long term? Knowing that will help me appreciate your journey even more.

John Roberts said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for asking. Since I did the SSST, the half body weight military press (40kg) with each arm is next that will fulfill my ETK goals. Of course, currently I'm using the 'Rite of Passage' to get there. Then, this will open the potential to do RTK, go to an RKCII Cert, or just continue with ETK or PTTP. I do this for my health and edutainment fun. However, I do play serious at times. So, I will have my back-off weeks and rehab weeks, too!

More to the point:
Short-term goal A (within 4 months): Military press 40kg with each arm using ROP and/or Adam Glass' "Radiant Dawn".
Short-term goal B (within 1 year): Begin practice of RKCII drills.
Mid-term goal (within 3 years): Earn RKCII and/or Military press my body weight with two kettlebells.
Long-term and current goal (Always and forever!): Happily live long, strong, and conditioned by continuous learning and correcting of mistakes.

You are a good teacher. You make me think!

Amy Jurrens said...

As a teacher, I beg, borrow, and steal ideas. I'm totally stealing the "edutainment" term. Love it! I'm a linguist who relishes neologisms. I will give credit, however. I'm not a plagiarizer, though I'm many other things. :)

The lifelong goal is admirable and one I aspire to as well. I'm also hoping to instill that value in my kids.

John Roberts said...

I think I borrowed the term 'edutainment' from a video game back in the 80s! I also like your use of Van Morrison's 'Fantabulous' reference. Fun stuff!

Amy Jurrens said...

You got Van Morrison! Love it!