Monday, June 17, 2013

Vodka & Pickles (70% + 10lbs)

As an experiment, I incorporated a couple resets from the book "Original Strength" (OS) after each set of each main movement. Comments follow.

Warm-up (reps x sets):
OS-Big 5,
24kg GSQ x 3 x 3,
Swing x 10 x 3,
(RPE 3).

255lb (73% 1RM) DL single and Elevated Rolls x 1/1 on the minute x 15. Double overhand and mixed grip.
(RPE 6.5: While adding the resets made me breathe and sweat more, every repetition felt the same. Maybe that's why it's called a reset! I'll keep doing this as long as my strength is the same or greater.).

Double 24kg FSQ x 3 and Marching x 20 on the minute x 5.
(RPE 7: Same effect as the deadlifts).

48kg/40kg Farmer Carry x 60 feet,
40kg/48kg Farmer Carry x 60 feet,
OS-Big 5.
(RPE 5.5).

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