Saturday, March 7, 2009

ROP Heavy 11-minute Ladders

A lack of energy caused me to add another minute to my ladders. Maybe it's because I know "they" are soon going to take away an hour of my time for about seven months before "they" give it back. Daylight Savings Time, what a concept! Day, light, or time isn't saved and for sure about the same, if not more, amount of energy is used.... Now I know why I lacked energy. I just hope it's not for seven months!

24kg, 32kg, C&Ps, BUPs, + Pull Ladders

5 Ladders 11 minutes each
5 Rungs

32kg C&Ps on Rungs 1 & 3
24kg BUPs on Rung 2
24kg C&Ps on Rungs 4 & 5

Pull Ladder Type:
Rungs 1 & 5 Chin-ups
Rungs 2 & 3 Tactical pull-ups
Rung 4 Close-grip pull ups

5-minute rest

32kg Swings x 20 on the minute x 5

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