Saturday, March 14, 2009

ROP Heavy 9-minute Ladders

After skipping this week's variety day, this should make up for last week's lack of energy. Sweat was pouring after my third ladder. The number nine was on my mind. So, I made good use of it.

24kg, 32kg, C&Ps, BUPs, + Pull Ladders

5 Ladders 9 minutes each
5 Rungs

24kg C&Ps on Rungs 4 & 5
24kg BUPs on Rung 2
32kg C&Ps on Rungs 1 & 3

Pull Ladder Type:
Rungs 1 & 5 Chin-ups
Rungs 2 & 3 Tactical pull-ups
Rung 4 Close-grip pull ups

9-minute rest

32kg Swings x 20 on the minute x 9
(Last two sets were low, i.e. waist high)

Back to the tractor...

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