Thursday, April 2, 2009

MVO2 Session 4

15:15 MVO2 protocol:
16kg x 8 reps x 40 sets

This is just a little more than what I had "planned", as I am practicing this objectively measured protocol by using my subjective feel. My last session, #3, felt very intense, RPE=19 (Rate of Perceived Exertion) using the 15-Point Borg scale. This session, RPE=17, I felt I could have done a few more sets but didn't want to push it. Haven't we all been a little too enthusiastic and over done it?

The factor(s) for reasoning or the reason(s) for factoring the how and why intensity differs from day-to-day is Greco-Danish to me, but I do understand that all variables matter and the mind and body are connected. :)


Report on Perceived Exertion (PDF)

Borg Scale

Differences in self-reported perceived and objective measures of duration and intensity of physical activity for adults in skiing.

Acute exercise and positive effect: an investigation of psychological processes leading to affective change.

Effects of acute bouts of aerobic exercise of varied intensity on subjective mood experiences in women of different age groups across time.

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