Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heavy Snatches IV-C: SSST

One of my long-time desires has been to achieve the goals of the RKC Rite of Passage (ROP) from Pavel's Enter The Kettlebell (ETK), which is using a 24kg kettlebell to clean & press and pull-ups for 5 ladders with 5 rungs with a practice of swings and snatches in order to build up to:
(a) Snatch 200 reps in 10 minutes.
(b) Strict military press half your body weight with each arm.
Finally, one down, one to go!

Do a Google search on the "Secret Service Snatch Test". Dragondoor has a couple good articles:, and I must be waaay down the list on this site!:

So, officially on my first SSST attempt I snatched 200 repetitions with a 24kg kettlebell in 10 minutes without putting the bell down. I don't know when I'll "suck it up" again for my second attempt!

Mobility, stretch and warm-up:
Z-Health, 16kg Armbars & Halos, Wall Squats, Pump, & Brettzel.

24kg Snatch every 3 seconds x 10L/10R x 10
(RPE 19+: On rep 30 I began double breathing (very early). On rep 100 I didn't know if I could "suck it up" to the end. On rep 130 I was double breathing deeply. On rep 160 I knew the next rep was a PR. On rep 180 I knew I could finish somehow and began counting with little reference to the timer. When I got to rep 200 had 3 seconds left and added one more just to make sure!)

Cool Down:
Cold-Hot-Cold contrast shower.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job!!! I'm glad you did it! *salute*

At least it was only RPE: 19, right? ;D

Amy Jurrens said...

Excellent! The SSST, a daunting task, indeed. It feels amazing to accomplish it.

So amazing, in fact, I did the USST. I think I'm #10 on the USST list now. I haven't checked where I'm at on the SSST list. I'll look for you to do the USST soon! ;)

I'm not real excited to try the USST again. That just about killed me, but did I ever feel like superwoman when I was done.

Now, I need to get in my P3 - pullup, pistol, and 20 kg press.

John Roberts said...

Thanks Tim! And that's an RPE of an exhilarating 19 "+"!

John Roberts said...

Thanks Amy! I just checked on to find that you are #8 and #11. There's another, the Ultimate Clean & Jerk test, waiting for your name on its list!

The 200 rep SSST was quite an accomplishment for me. I can't imagine the pain I would have to endure for the USST.

Enjoy the pain on the P3s. I haven't been doing those lately at all. So, I'll be watching you for some tips. Wish me some pain too, as in a couple weeks I'll be at the Ventura Hardstyle where there should be plenty of the P3!