Monday, November 24, 2008

ROP Light + Snatch Test PR II

Aaron Friday did it. He told me I could make a 3-minute PR. I did. He told me I could make 100 reps in 5 minutes. I could have. I quit snatching at 3 minutes and thought "Oh, I've got a PR now. I can rest." But then I thought, "Hey, I can keep snatching to see what I can do in 5 minutes." Well, it wasn't that tough to keep snatching. I could have.... Thanks Aaron! You were right.

24kg Military Press + Pull Ladders

Rest periods were 1:00 between ladders.
5 ladders
3 Rungs

Pull ladder type:
1 Tactical pull-up
2 Close-grip pull-ups
3 Chin-ups

This is it:
RKC Snatch Test Requirements for my weight (82 reps)
5L&R x2 on the minute x 3 = 60
"Rest" x :15, walking around thinking....
5L&R x 2 on the minute x 2 = 40
Total = 95 reps in 5 minutes, 100 in 5:15


Aaron Friday said...

Nice work, John. I'm glad you tried it and did it. I know exactly what that feels like, and I'm happy for your hitting new PRs.

If you want to go forward from here, I think you should accept the goal of snatching for the whole 5 minutes without putting the bell down. If you're strictly hard style, you might need to soften up a bit to go the distance. Or not. My wife goes hard style for 5 minutes straight.

Here's what I would do:

* Switch to a 10/10 template instead of 5/5.
* Work up to 3 minutes straight using 10/10.
* Then 4 minutes.
* Then 5 minutes. This will be more than 100.
* Go back to 3 minutes and obliterate your previous PR. After you've done these sets a number of times, I expect you'll be sprinting toward the end to get more reps. This is a really, really good sign.
* Next time you do 5 minutes, you'll do more.

John Roberts said...

Thanks Aaron! I appreciate your input and accept the challenge. You have some good strategies and options for me to use next Monday.