Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ROP Medium day + Slow growth exercise economics

The way to a fast buck is usually a way to quick debt. Rest and recovery are important, as is "slow" consistent growth. That's why I have been "slowly" adding either more weight, reps, intensity, or less rest time within my routines. Increased growth can only continue for a limited time, unless your name is Milo!

Add or subtract small incremental changes (dollar cost averaging) or act on the "buy/sell signals" (Personal Records / Rest & Recovery Days). Save your money (strength) for that rainy day (PR). Find a good economic advisor (Pavel, et al.). Sorry for mixing metaphoric analogies, but this is kind of fun!

So, listen to your body and choose to make that PR goal or choose to back-off and rest before you are forced to because of burn-out or bankruptcy, I mean injury...

Here's to your Health, Wealth, & Happiness!

ROP Medium day:
Rest periods were 1 minute between ladders.

24kg C&P + Pull Ladders

5 ladders
4 Rungs

Pull ladder type:
1 Thumbless pull-up
2 Thumbless pull-ups
3 Chin-ups
4 Close-grip pull ups

24kg Swings x 20 on the minute x 10

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