Thursday, November 20, 2008

When the market bottoms, I'll peak

Variety Day. Still more to go...
TGUs, PTTP, and Goblet squats:

4+ minute Warm-up:
32kg TGU singles x 3L&R
Rest 3 min

285lb DL x 5
Rest 3 min
255lb DL x 5
Rest 3 min

4 minute Tabata Finisher:
24kg Goblet Squat x :20 on, :10 off x 2
16kg Goblet Squat x :20 on, :10 off x 6


Aaron Friday said...

When is the market going to bottom? Because I want to know.

Also, what is a tactical pullup? Are you wearing a gun?

John Roberts said...

When I peak, a few more years, (I'm only 45!) the Market will bottom.

Tactical: 1. no thumbs, thumbless, 2. As if climbing a wall or window sill.

My shot gun is in my pickup.