Friday, May 8, 2009

Mobility, Yoga, & TGUs

Wednesday was mobility work with Z-Health R-Phase.
Thursday was Z-Health R-Phase and Eischens Yoga: Beginners 12-minute.
Today was Eischens Yoga: Beginners 12-minute and Tai Chi Hard-Style TGUs.
I need to slow way down with the "on the minute" TGU because I have about 20 seconds to rest that I want to get down to 5 or less. Lots of practice to do there!

24kg alternating single TGU on the minute x 20 (RPE=17)
2x24kg Overhead Carry x 30 seconds (RPE=18)
2x24kg Racked Carry x 30 seconds (RPE=17)
2x24kg Farmer Carry x 30 seconds (RPE=16)

No snatches tomorrow!

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