Monday, August 17, 2009

Light TGUs I-B

During my back-off week I didn't do much practice outside from work on the farm. I did have a couple kinks, one in my neck from sleeping with too many pillows and a sore right middle knuckle from horsing around with a friend. So, I'm easing back in with the same stuff that I need.

Mobility, stretch, and warm-up:
Z-health NWU-1, Brettzel, Face the wall squats, 16kg Halos, Pump stretches, and 16kg RKC Armbars.

20kg RKC TGU:
15-second pauses x 7 steps up and 6 steps down x 1L&R.
Time per side 3:15. Total time under tension 6:30.
(RPE 18: Felt like I could have done some extra 'regular' TGUs, but didn't.)

Cool Down:
Eischens Yoga for Beginners (Basic)
(RPE 16)

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