Friday, May 31, 2013

PL Cycle (Day 15)

Warm-up (x reps x sets):
24kg TGU x 1/1 x 1,
GSQ pry x 3 x 2,
Swing x 10 x 3,

360lbs (97% 1RM) DL x 2 was the plan.
Reset and mixed grip was the plan.
(RPE 10+. Failed on the first rep! My goal to deadlift 390lbs (105% 1RM) on June 10, 2013 has been delayed. My RPE has been telling the story very accurately. I was probably over-trained before beginning the Pickles & Vodka cycle. This is a sign to back-off somehow.)

220lbs (60% 1RM) DL x 5.
Reset every rep. Overhand and mixed grip.
(RPE 5+.)

24kgL/20kgR Overhead Carry x 60 feet,
20kgL/24kgR Overhead Carry x 60 feet.
(RPE 5.)

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