Monday, June 29, 2009

ROP Light with 4-minute Ladders

Sunday was a nice long 246 mile motorcycle ride through some rugged country with my old friend Robert. It was hot inland and cool on the coast. The best of both worlds. We ate lunch at Ragged Point, #5 on the map. Did some Z before and after.

Since I was a little fried on Saturday, this week I'll add a little more rest between ladders.

Every morning mobility:
Z-health NWU Level 1

This afternoon's stretch and warm-up:
Face the wall squats, 16kg Halos, Pump stretches, Brettzel, and 16kg RKC Armbars.

24kg MP + Pull Ladders

5 Four-minute ladders
3 Rungs

Pull ladder type:
1 Pull-up
2 Close-grip pull-ups
3 Chin-ups
(RPE 16)

5-minute rest

Alternating L&R 24kg Snatches x 10 on the minute x 6 with an overhead static hold or "rest".
The only thing resting is the arm without the kettlebell. Also, with no ability to do fast and loose movements, this was tougher than I thought. I've never done this before but will do it again.
(RPE 18)

No time for a Cool Down. Back to the tractor.


Amy Jurrens said...

Oh how I wish I could do all those pull-ups. Sigh! Zhab, zhab, zhab. I'll get there!!

Looks like another nice ride. I'm jealous. I've been spending lots of time on the water, but not on the open road. Sigh!

John Roberts said...

I know you'll get those pull-ups very Z-oon!

Hey, all that water may be good for settling some dust...