Friday, June 12, 2009

Program Minimum progress II

I guess I did a little more than I should've on Wednesday, including the yard work in the afternoon. Because on Thursday I did a full day of yard work. I'm not used to this manual labor two days in a row!

Thursday warm-up:

Yard work.

Cool Down:
Z-health NWU Level 1

Friday mobility, stretch, and warm-up:
Z-health NWU Level 1, Brettzel, Face the wall squats, Pump stretches, 16kg Halos, and 16kg RKC Armbars x 15 seconds x 1L&R

Program Minimum:
28kg alternating TGU on the minute x 8 (RPE 17)
28kg swings x 20 on the minute x 11 (RPE 19)

Cool Down:
Eischens Yoga for Beginners (RPE 17)


Amy Jurrens said...

Isn't kb training manual labor? I just had a victim tell me doing farmer's walks was like carrying feed buckets. Duh! I suggested he just carry a kb in one hand and his reply was, "But then I'll be off-center. That's why I carry two feed buckets." I replied, "To be off-center develops even more strength. Behold the secret of the kb!" He liked it!

John Roberts said...

Of course, kb training is fun labor! I just wasn't used to having that much fun mixed with too much non-kettlebell manual labor.

Your suggestion to your victim will surely make them more efficient and effective for later bucket carries. Thus, finish with more energy to practice kettlebells! :)