Saturday, October 4, 2008

After three days off from using the kettlebell,

I decided to test my C&P with a 24kg because of no pressing progress with the 32kg. I was only able to get 12 reps left and right without failure, which tells me I need more time off to rest and travel the road of the 24kg ROP. I have progressed with the 32kg swings and TGU's, except the C&P. I am guessing that my preparation for the RKC built more endurance relative to strength and I need to regain my form and strength with a weight I am better able to control with better form, the 24kg. I will practice C&Ps with the 32kg, and decide after more testing whether I am ready to move up with it after a few more weeks or months. So, with very little practicing and much more resting next week, I will begin my journey again.

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