Thursday, October 9, 2008

ETK Rite Of Passage "Test"

Four more days of not much of any kind of training. Today I "tested" my ROP with a 24kg, excluding the real test of 200 snatches in 10 minutes and pressing half of my body weight with each arm. I have a long way to go!

Wall Squats, 16kg Halos, Pumps x 10

ETK ROP: 24kg C&P + Pull Ladders

5 ladders
3 Rungs

I concentrated on pulling the bell down into the racked postion. I took 90 seconds rest between ladders, where I used to take two minutes. Beads of sweat began to flow on the third ladder. No failure, but still not ready to raise the rungs. Good test.

All pulls were under the chin:
1 Thumbless pull-up
2 Close-grip pull ups
3 Chin-ups

Rest 1 min.
3.5 rounds = 70 Snatches

I will begin the ROP/24kg on Monday with 5 ladders and 3 Rungs until I can comfortably drop my rest time to 1 minute.

Look into the future to see a more recent Rite Of Passage C&P and 5-minute snatch Test, click here. For the 10-minute snatch test (SSST), click here.

The plan is to 'rest' tomorrow, then MVO2 on Saturday. I love clearing out my dust-filled lungs! :)

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