Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Variety Day. Same as last Thursday.

I almost decided to increase reps or sets, but decided to...

Double 24kg Front Squat x 5 on the minute x 4
Double 32kg Suitcase Deadlift x 5 on the minute x 4
Hindu Squat x 20 on the minute x 4


Aaron Friday said...

John, what's your next gun? For that matter, what's your first gun?

I read your workout for Monday, and damn! That's some serious work capacity.

If you're attempting to get fit using kettlebells, I'd say you're already there. Awesome!

John Roberts said...

Hey Aaron,
I have had only a couple 22 caliber rifles and 12 and 20 guage shotguns in my varmit-killing carrer. Out here on the farm, birds, squirrels, and jack rabbits tend to eat all of our profits, never our expenses.

Last week I saw an ad in the newspaper for a .38 Special, one box of ammo, and six months access to a shooting range for $499. I have always wanted a handgun, as some of my friends had them and I have "tried" to shoot at targets. Very challenging! Well, I couldn't find the old ad, but remembered the street the gun shop was located and drove around last Sunday looking for it. I missed my target, but will make another attempt with more investigation.

Hey, you are not in such bad shape yourself with those OH Presses and weighted Pull-ups. Keep up the good work and insipration!

Aaron Friday said...

.38 Special is a really nice cartridge for a handgun. I started reloading just for that caliber and I haven't graduated from it yet.

For sure, a 4" barrel or longer is what I would go for unless you're carrying the gun concealed during the summer.

You'll make good hits, but it takes practices. Also, 25 yards for a rifle with iron sights is equivalent to 25 feet with a handgun, especially if you're shooting a double-action revolver.

John Roberts said...

Thanks for this cool info. This will help me with my research before I decide what to purchase. Keep up the reloading and save some ammo for me!

Aaron Friday said...

My favorite is a Ruger GP-100 in 357 magnum. I've bought and sold a bunch of revolvers since then, but this one is the most ergonomic and accurate for me.

The Smith & Wesson model 10 is a very robust gun as well. I had two of them ~ a 1965ish and a 1980ish vintage. They both shot extremely well, but I prefer the grips and the adjustable sights of my GP-100.

John Roberts said...

Ruger GP-100 in 357 magnum is my favorite color! Thanks. :)