Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Variety Day

Today was the day I needed to work a sweat. So, I chose to do one of the follow-along DVDs I have from Anthony Dilugllio. Much variety and sweat to start the new year. In the past, probably 4-6 months ago, I was able to follow along and complete this DVD once without adding extra time for rest or stopping before the two minutes of "work". Not only did I finish the full 14 Rounds, I did the Bonus Round for the first time and mixed in the 24kg. All rounds were completed with a 16kg unless indicated with an "*" for the 24kg.

Art of Strength: Providence
Each round is two minutes except for the 3-minute 15th round.
One minute rest between rounds.

Round 1: * 2-Handed, Single, and Hand-to-Hand Swings
Round 2: Cleans
Round 3: * Floor press
Round 4: Squats and Sumo Deadlifts
Round 5: * 1-Legged Deadlift
Round 6: Windmills and Overhead Squat
Round 7: Clean and Press
Round 8: Flip and Squat
Round 9: Tactical Lunges
Round 10: Triple Crush
Round 11: Figure 8 to a Hold into a Sling Shot
Round 12: Seated Press
Round 13: 1-Arm Row
Round 14: Pullovers, Russian Twist, and Sicilian Crunch
Bonus Round: 3-minute Sntach Test - 80 "easy" reps with the 16kg

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