Saturday, January 24, 2009

ROP Heavy. Same volume with a switch.

I switched the rung of the 24kg Bottom-up Presses with the 32kg C&Ps. This switch and the slight reduction in rest created a another effect... more sweat!

24kg, 32kg, C&P, and BU Presses + Pull Ladders

Rest periods were 3:40 between ladders.
24kg BU Press on Rungs 1 & 2
32kg C&Ps on Rung 3
24kg C&Ps on Rungs 4 & 5

5 Ladders
5 Rungs

Pull Ladder Type:
1 Chin-up
2 Tactical pull-ups
3 Tactical pull-ups
4 Close-grip pull ups
5 Chin-ups

5-minute rest

32kg Swings x 20 on the minute x 6

1 comment:

Aaron Friday said...

Press ladders are brilliant. More sweat is always good.