Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heavy Snatches II-C

I was able to continuously snatch every three seconds for nine minutes without putting the bell down. I could have gone the whole ten, but I didn't "suck-it-up"! There were only a couple challenges when transferring the bell hand-to-hand.

Mobility, stretch and warm-up:
Z-Health, Armbars, Wall Squats, Halos, Pump, and Brettzel.

24kg Snatch every 3 seconds x 10L/10R x 9
(RPE 18+)

Cool Down:
Cold-Hot-Cold contrast shower.


Anonymous said...

Haha I don't about being a warrior philosopher. I really think it would be quite arrogant of me to warm up to that name :)

I will be looking forward to seeing your post about achieving the SSST! I appreciate your advice greatly, I'm going to read those articles and who knows, maybe I'll even take the slow and steady approach too, contrary to my standard impetuousness. I'll also have to see about getting a gym boss, you're inspiring me.

John Roberts said...

It ain't braggin nor arrogant if it's true! You're an original thinker and good writer. Keep it up.

The cool thing about "slow and steady" is that there is always a PR around the corner!

BTW, if your Gymboss breaks by a mighty fall of the bell, what will you do? You might want to purchase two! I did.

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly appreciate the compliments! Particularly about the writing, I don't hear much about it so that was very nice to hear. Thanks a lot!

That's true about training slow. I suppose I have slowed down a bit in the last year by just attending Doug's classes and then when something happens like trying to press something heavy, or go for time on something, etc., I am pleasantly surprised. Plus I am learning to listen to people that might have a year or two on me. :D

Hahaha did a mighty bell fall happen to take out the boss? Haha. I am going to add that to my list of future expenses! :D For now I'll just pray that a bell with extreme "virtual force" and a downward trend in velocity leaves my cell phone and its stopwatch function smoldering at the bottom of an impact crater.

John Roberts said...

Yup, you never know what kind of new "What The Hell Effect" that may surprise you.

I haven't lost a Gymboss yet. Even though I try to always be aware of my surroundings, I purchased the second one only because I thought about "what would happen if". Must be the Boy Scout in me!